Creates new unpaid order and returns checkout_url for the customer along with download_token for the application





uuid required, type: String

Unique identifier of the order in the customers application

model_id required, type: String

ID of the model in the CGTraders system

buyers_email optional, type: String

Email of the buyer. CGTrader guest account will be created if user with given email does not exist. However if access token is authorized by user (3-legged oauth authorization was made), buyers_email parameter will be ignored and authorized user will be treated as a buyer.

return_url required, type: String

On successful or failed purchase customer will be redirected to provided url with two parameters:
id - order ID in CGTraders system
uuid - unique identifier of the order in the customers application

Example Response

    "success": true,
    "id": "123",
    "status": "unpaid",
    "checkout_url": "",
    "download_token": "90acdef14bad"